Loving God, Empowering People, Building Community.

Together we BELONG

Together we BELIEVE

Together we SERVE

Together we GROW

Together we BLESS


 9 Practical and Specific Goals

1. To make a top priority of encountering the presence of the Holy Spirit and of receiving His Word in our gatherings above all other priorities.

2. To develop the training opportunities through Hope College and in Missional activities, and to develop our own courses for new Christians, in Church belonging, Knowing God, and Identity in Christ

3. To develop our building to be used more regularly for community outreach, income streams, and events. To update it in decoration and style so it represents us as a household moving forward.

4. To develop further meaningful working relationships with other churches in Keighley, West Yorkshire and elsewhere.

5. To help our small groups be more out-ward focused, connected to the whole church and our message and to help our small groups become places of life filled discipleship and active learning

6. To plant out other churches and help support churches.

7. To see every person serving in the life of the church community. And to develop leadership ability among us with a heart of service.

8. To empower the work of the Kingdom of God - at home and overseas - sending our people to build and bless into the nations.

9. To connect all the groups and areas of service in the church, under the direction of the leadership team, so every one of them can carry the heart of the vision.


Airedale Church is a UK registered charity (no. 1070375)