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All Nations Church, in the Aire Valley, Keighley



Why Hope College?

We need a learning disposition back in the church, we need to focus not only on people coming to faith or on pastoral issues, but also on people coming to maturity in Christ through discipleship and training

There are so many opinions in our society today and even within the Christian community it seems that every idea is given its own validity.

As Christians it is important to see the Scriptures as the final authority in our lives giving us a clear picture of the God of love we serve. Hope College is an attempt to help believers rediscover the Bible and the work of the Holy Spirit and to be equipped to apply the truth and life of the Spirit and the Word to their own lives and communities.

Through thematic studies taking place during Saturday school blocks of study (March, June and November) and Summer Schools (August) we aim to equip people to lead and serve, to rightly handle God’s word, to sharpen their thinking, and to inspire them to live for something greater than self. 

In April 2014 a monthly Night School study will start this will be a study of certain books of the Bible.

In future years Hope College will offer internships and courses on a full and part time basis with the aim of training potential leaders to plant and pioneer new expressions of church community in villages, towns and cities in the UK. As part of this training there will be an international mission trip to broaden each person’s thinking and experience.

Hope College hold the following as Core Values

  1. Equipping Leadership

  2. Inspiring Learning

  3. Developing Pioneers

  4. Unlocking Potential

  5. Sharpening Service


Contributors and teachers for 2018 include;

Geoff and Isha Newton, Fraser Leach, Eileen Jackson,  Mark and Kathi Kelly, Ian and Marj Rossol, Peter Topliss, Tim and Sue Eldridge, John Mastrogiovanni, Pete and Pat Gray and George Jarvis.